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Certificate Presentation

The new APGM WBro. M. Gibbons presents the Certificate of Excellence to the Master of Liberty Lodge 5573


Left to right. WBro. P Rhodes, WM. WBr. G Pilch, APGM. WBro M. Gibbons


WM and the Lodge Festival Rep proudly display the new certificate.

New festival report

The tour of the province, the sponsored relay bike challenge, starts at Rochdale Masonic all Saturday, June 13 at 8 AM and is calling every Masonic Hall in the province.

Details from WBro Peter Rhodes.

The big-band concert, is given by  Smithills School Senior big-band at Radcliffe Civic Suite, and is on Saturday, June 27. 7 for 7:30. Tickets are £15

Amateur this event again takes place at the Radcliffe Civic Suite, Saturday, October 3 .All are welcome, tickets are £25 including hot supper.

Julie Scott completed her zip wire challenge on May the 1st. raising in excess of £3000 for the festival. You can still donate to Julie's appeal on just giving.

Festival banquet The festival draws to a conclusion with the festival banquet which will be held at the Macrom Stadium Bolton on Thursday, October 29

tickets for the banquet are priced at £60. Tickets are on a first come first serve basis and application forms can be downloaded from the provincial website or give me a ring and I'll help you do it.

Festival draw. All of my allocation of tickets has now been sold to members of the lodge. I am still waiting for some to come back in. Just as importantly is members returning the tear off stubs ,without them they will not go in the draw.

Donations for the festival are as follows, this is the total donated by both members and the lodge it stands out £6097.84 p. We have 31 members in fact not strictly true we have just gained a joining member and will be seeing him in September this year. Out of the 31 members only 20 are active and have supported the lodge on the monthly basis so this figure is really a reflection on those people who attend the lodge and have placed this amount of money into the festival not only for themselves but for the other 10 members.  I would like to record my thanks to the Festival manager WBro Chris Wildman who has been a super help and has always been willing to advise and guide me on matters relating to the festival. To our district festival reps firstly to Reg and now to Peter for their constant help and support and not forgetting our chairman of the district WBro Peter Hewitt who helped me organise this evening. Recently I attended a district meeting of festival reps charity Stewards and almoners from Craft lodges and chapters. This was a well attended evening and much information was given to the brethren in attendance. Part of the evening was given over to Bro Joe Trocken, the charity Steward of Samaritan Lodge number 286 ( Bacup), based on his experience of dealing with the Masonic charities. This was a very inspirational talk given by the brother.

As the festival draws to a close we now, need to look at what we can do to enable the ELMC to carry on with its good works. Let me just finished  by thanking all those brethren of Liberty Lodge for their sterling efforts, their generosity and good humour in allowing me to relieve them of their much loved and hard earned cash. I also wish to thank our APGM and members of the district team for supporting us this evening, together with our visiting brethren who came and gave us such an interesting talk on Ecclesholme. It is important to remind ourselves why we raise money for good causes and I thank you brethren or enabling us to do that this evening. Even though as we close for the summer recess the festival carries on and will not close until October . I will be available to take your donations up until it officially closes. This evening you are excused from buying Kevin a pint instead I would wish you to make the charity donations to the to the Tour de Province bike ride.

regards Kevin

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ladies Evening



George and Wendy make their entrance

21st. February 2015

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Man of the year

Men of Rochdale Luncheon 2014

WBro. Harry Bell was named Man of Rochdale on Friday 28 November at a luncheon held in aid of Springhill Hospice.

Harry who was one of 50 nominees was crowned the Man of Rochdale and was honoured for his continued charity fundraising spanning many many years and his contribution to The Springhill Hospice.

Speaking about winning the award, Harry said: “I don’t believe it. I am honoured and absolutely flabbergasted because everyone who has come to this event today does exactly what I do for the Hospice.

“I didn’t expect this at all and had no idea that I would win.”


Harry was particularly pleased that the Guest Speaker was Sir David Trippier our PGM for East Lancashire.

In following the photographer, Harry, proud as punch could be seen polishing the silver Plate rigorously trying to erase the finger prints.


Harry has been fundraising for Springhill Hospice since it opened its doors in 1989.

He has  worked with the Scouts, and received the Long Service Badge.

He works for the Roundtable, the 41 Club and the Freemasons through Liberty Lodge 5573 in aid of the Hospice.

The company, H Bell and Sons, is now run by Harry’s son and daughter, who also do work for the Hospice.

Harry added: “I have to thank everyone for their support and thank the people who voted for me because I really didn’t expect it.”

Harry received the award from last year’s winner John Whyman.

The winner was greeted with a huge cheer by those present and it was a very proud moment for Harry's friends.

Harry makes an emotional speech of thanks to all present.


The celebrations went on for quite a while, well into the evening.

Harry's treat

Kevin and John enjoying the moment.

The event  was held at Rochdale Town Hall in the Great Hall upstairs and has been crowning a Man of Rochdale for 21 years.

One of the fundraisers for Springhill Hospice, Melanie Caffrey said: “The event has been wonderful. We have had a great turnout and the Hospice has been well supported. Well done to everyone who was nominated and congratulations to Harry, a well deserving winner.”

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Vics Collection

WBro. Vic Blomeley lends a hand to help others

It all started two months ago when I received an e-mail asking if I would like to take part in a 5 k sponsored run in September, well as you can imagine with my knees it wasn`t an option, so they asked if I would act as a collector in an Argos store on the 26th July instead. The charity as you can imagine is very close to my heart, so I readily agreed, and requested the Argos store in Middleton. Some two weeks later it was confirmed I would collect in Argos Middleton from 10am to 1pm on Saturday 26th July. A week before that date my collectors kit arrived including stickers, a name tag and a T shirt emblazoned with " Alzheimer`s Society " " Alzheimer`s Society Scotland " and Finally " Alzheimer`s Society Northern Ireland ".

I visited the store on the Wednesday beforehand to introduce myself to the manageress and staff, and was made extremely welcome. So armed with a packet of mints I arrived at the store at 0930am on Saturday 26th, wearing the afore mentioned T shirt, and feeling a bit silly ( I don`t look my best in T shirts ). The staff had prepared a table for me to use for the collection bucket and stickers, but I carried them nearly all the time, so no one could make off with it. The first money to go in the bucket was that donated by Brethren of Liberty Lodge, the manageress was well impressed. The first hour passed slowly but then the time seemed to fly by. It`s amazing how people who look as if they could afford to spare a few coppers don`t seem to see a 6 foot 2 inch, 15 stone idiot dressed in a weird T shirt, and consequently don`t add to the bucket. But many who seem to be in the category of maybe you donating to them seem to spot you immediately and empty all the small change from their purse or pocket. At 1pm our licence was complete so after thanking the staff for their kind attention, offers of tea, coffee and toffees etc I made my way home to Wendy, half starved and dying for a brew. I know it was offered at Argos but I didn`t want to be leaving my post for the loo every few minutes.

At about 4pm the manageress telephoned me to say a total of £222.16p had been the result of my mornings work. The total collected nation wide will be available after 18th August. I received a very nice e-mail from the Society thanking me for volunteering, and giving my time, I  must say I rather enjoyed it and have made it known I will gladly assist again in anything that is not too strenuous.

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World War 1


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District events



The Rochdale District Social Committee



A General Knowledge


Rochdale Masonic Hall


FRIDAY 9th March 2018

7.00PM FOR 7.30PM

Quizmaster:  Mr CHRIS HENTHORN



We hope that every Lodge/Chapter

will enter at least one team of 4/6 players.

This is a social night and the quiz is open to guests, friends and family.



Hot Buffet available – buy your tickets on arrival.



Which Lodge/Chapter has the smartest team?



ENTRY FEE - £20 per team (max 6 in a team)


To enter a team or for further details please contact:


W.Bro Tony Gillard         or      W.Bro Bernard Percy

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it            This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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George rides for the Festival



George our Charity steward is very busy tuning up his 1927 Scott Motorcycle in readiness for the annual ‘Banbury’ run.

This a 2 speed ‘Hand operated’ gear change motorcycle with little or no suspension. He has made the following coments.

My poor old bones cannot take much more of this kind of punishment, I know it will not be an easy ride.

I made a pledge that this year I will attempt to raise some money for the 2015 Festival Appeal. To date I have collected over £700.00 and I’m sure there is more yet to come.

I have set myself a target of £1,000.00  If I can achieve this I will be really chuffed.

The ‘Banbury’ run is the largest gathering of Vintage & Veteran motorcycles in the world. Over 600 Motorcycles will take part.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to take part and equally delighted with the support from all of my friends in helping me raise the money that I have collected so far.

With your help, I just might be able to boost my collection. I does not need to be much, a pound here and there would be great.

If you wish to contribute then please send  an email  to the web master or secretary of the Lodge with a ‘Pledge’ for your contribution no matter how small.

Good luck with the Flower Festival this weekend  and wish me luck with the ride.

Yours Aye



This should be the EL 20125 Festival and not 2014

Another senior moment

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Remembrance Sunday 2013

For the first time Rochdale Masons walk to remember.


Members from the Lodge joined the District Team to remember our fallen Heroes









W.Bro. Harry  Bell of Liberty Lodge proudly carries the new banner which was made by the District Chairman W.Bro. Peter Hewitt and his wife  Sandra.

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John Alexander


John is a member of the Masons in Rochdale and donates all fees to good causes.

To contact our John go to Liberty Lodge ladies song on YOUTUBE.

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