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I joined Freemasonry in March 2002, after much persuasion by a friend.  I found that I had joined a totally wonderful  institution. One that was made up of like minded people, some wealthy and some not. But all meeting together on a level playing field. The obvious friendship and comradeship shone through, and meetings were a pleasant place to attend.

Some three and a half years ago my wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer`s and I became her sole carer. This is a 24 hour, 7 days a week job. Although I enjoy and treat as an honour looking after my wife, it can become very tiring and your mental state can easily deteriorate as a consequence.

This was when I found the true meaning of Masonry. I have only to lift the phone and someone agrees to help me with whatever I need help with. Continual contact be it by e-mail, letter, telephone or person to person, keeps my head above water and my wellbeing on an even keel. Just knowing that there are people there just waiting to assist and back me up, makes life much easier.

THIS IS THE TRUE MEANING OF FREEMASONRY, and I am blessed to be part of it.

I was taken to a Ladies Evening as a thank you for a little job I did for a chap I knew from the local  pub. We had a really good evening and at some stage he told me of his masonic connections. I was asked if I had any interest and being generally nosey said yes. Many years later and after closing one Lodge with great regret I joined Liberty 5573. Here I have met some wonderful brethren just like the ones from my previous Lodge.  Whilst at work I relied on my first Lodge for my close circle of friends and still do with the members of Liberty today. Since I joined  Freemasonry  I have found more than I expected, and gained a lot in terms of personal growth and personal enlightenment.
I've also made some fantastic friends in Liberty Lodge  and freemasonry in general and have never regretted joining.


I was formally a member of round table. Through Round table I got to meet someone who ran a local charity. This gentleman, who I knew from running this charity, and also from carrying out some work for him, introduced me to Free Masons. I did not really know what to expect when I was asked to come along and enjoy a night with them.

To say I was worried was an understatement.   I did not know anyone there, but for my one friend who introduced me, who unfortunately left not long after I had joined.

I felt estranged, and not helping matters I was then involved in quite a nasty road traffic accident. My fears and expectations were short lived at the fellowship, care and attention the lodge bestowed upon me.

I was generally nervous, not too outspoken, wanting to better myself in life, and masons, although I did not really know what I was stepping into, filled a lot of that criteria and more.

To get up and deliver a speech I was nervous, and the paper I was holding would shake in my hand. To speak out demands a lot of inner strength and calm.

To listen and pay attention to what surrounds you, and what is being said, heightened my senses. I met people in my life who I ordinarily would never had the pleasure of ever meeting, let alone sitting next to and encouraging me to better myself.

I have now been a Free Mason for several years and the friends, the events, the Camaraderie and most of all the humour I have experienced is second to none.  I would recommend anyone who has their doubt about joining to simply calm your fears and sample a night with us in Free Masons.

What you will find here is Camaraderie, fellowship, charitable ambitions, and most of all new found friends. I did!


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